Eddie Conner

Activities Director
Eddie Conner



Student Store

The Student Store is a service provided to the MHS student body for the purpose of selling ASB cards, Physical Education Uniforms, tickets to athletic /school events and issuing parking passes. The Student Store will operate during lunch time only.

Associated Student body

Student Government: Provides an opportunity for students interested in government and leadership to practice and gain experience in these areas. The executive group of student government is known as the Student Council.

Student Council: The student council will strive towards encouraging positive change, enhancing participation  and valuating diversity. They oversees all student body finances and helps to coordinate all school activicties. In addition , students hold seats in our site-based management body, the School Site Council. The student council consists of officers and representatives who are elected annually.

Associated Student Body (ASB) Cards

A main source of funding for Student Governament is the sale of ASB Cards. Proceeds from the sale of these cards are used to finance ASB activicties, as well as financially support athletics, band and other school activicties.

Club Eligibility: Morningside High School provides many opportunities for students to participate in school sponsored clubs and organizations. Students are expected to maintain a minimum 2.0 grade point average (unless otherwise specific for a particular club) and have satisfactory attendance and citizenship in order to remain in good standing with any such club.


Band Club: This activity is scheduled in the school as an academic class for credit. Membership is open to students who have an interest an experience playing a musical instrument. Permission from the director is required. Responsibilities’ existing beyond the school day includes dress rehearsals, concerts, parades, festivals, football, basketball and other games, and other appropriate performance opportunities.

Cheerleading: Cheerleading will emphasize curricular and extra-curricular activities by promoting school spirit. Cheerleaders are involved in summer camps, pep rallies, games and national competitions. Membership is obtained through a tryout process.

College Summit: A workshop for high school students to understand and obtain the importance of college. It helps seniors understand the college process, the significance of applying for scholarships and completing the FAFSA application. The experience will be a great opportunity for high school students to be aware and mentor others who want to attend college.

Drill Team: Drill Team accompanies the Marching Band at competitive field shows and parades. Members add pizazz to the band by dancing while the band performs. Students are expected to attend practices during the summer months.

F.M.D. (Fashion, Dance, Music): F.M.D. will allow people to express themselves through Fashion, Dance, and Music. Also to widen students horizons on the world of visual and performing arts.

Kappa League: The purpose of this Club is to develop leadership skills and guide young men in the right direction.

MESA -The Mathematics, Engineering Science Achievement Schools Program assists students to excel in math, science and engineering and become competitively eligible for the most rigorous colleges and universities.

Omega Gent’s: “Exposing Young Men To Manly Concepts” The purpose of this Club is to teach young men how to become men, strengthen family values and how to become an asset to society. Also gives them the necessary tools to deter from joining gangs and using drugs, to increase the number of college bound black males. It helps expose them to life.

Poetic Minds: The purpose of this Club is to inspire and motivate the youth and the community through the arts.

Robinson Leadership Academy: The RLA develops its members academically, socially, and spiritually through lecture, activity, team building, and travel.

Side Times Journalism: Slide Times is a student created publication that delivers information from the right sources to the right people for all the right reasons.

The Math Club – The purpose of this Club is to provide beneficial support to students concerning math. Help will be given to students to raise math test scores while helping them take it as a new fascination.