• Interim and Teacher Assessments

    OverviewIlluminate accommodates plain paper testing and assignments for any subject and for any grade level.State Content StandardsAlign any teacher or district created test with state content standards and an answer key to generate rich reports.

    Content ClustersIn addition to state standards, align questions (and generate reports) for any content clusters or other groups or standards you desire.

    Intuitive Assessment CreationCreate assessments through a clear, intuitively simple process (involving quick clicks in areas where other systems require lots of scrolling, repetition, and time).

    Upload Already Created AssessmentsUpload and add already-created assessments and assessment response data with ease

    Assessment ReportsAssessment reports are available with varied stakeholders in mind (e.g., reports for parents, reports for administrators, reports for students, reports for teachers, etc.).

    Analyze DataDistrict and teacher assessments can be disaggregated (e.g., by subgroup) and analyzed with ease at varied levels (e.g., student, teacher, classroom, period)