Parent Involvement Plan

Our Mission

Students, parents, and staff will foster a safe and positive school environment in which students will be proficient, engaged, and excited about learning.  Together we will ensure that all students are encouraged to achieve by providing instruction that meets the needs of diverse students.  Student progress will be measured by multiple assessments to guarantee that they become respectful citizens and life-long learners.

The goals of the Parent Involvement at Morningside High School will be to improve student academic achievement and school performance through a variety of programs and events.




Parent Resource Center

Morningside High currently has a Parent Resource Center adjacent to Consolidated Office open to parents and the community. Computers with internet service are available to parents from 8:00-2:49 every school day.



There are a number of meetings scheduled throughout the year in which parents are invited and encouraged to attend.  Meetings are held at various times (before, during, or after school) to explain all programs and policies:


  • School Wide Title I Program
  • English Language Learner Advisory (ELAC) and School Advisory Council (SAC)
    • EL Program and Title III Tutorials: CELDT Scores, EL Proficiency Levels, EL Programs, and Reclassifications
  • School Site Council (SSC)
  • Back to School Informational Meeting
  • Breakfast with the Principal


The purpose of these meetings are to provide parents with relevant and current information regarding student achievement, school activities, and district policies.  Parents are involved in an organized, ongoing, and timely way to plan, review, and improve programs such as the Parental Involvement Policy, Home-School Compact, and the School Plan.  Program revisions and improvements are made based on the Needs Assessment Survey, annual budget, agendas, CST results, and input found in the minutes from conferences and meetings.


Student Achievement and Success


Morningside High offers many opportunities for parents to observe their students and recognize their talents and successes.


Parents will also be provided assistance to ensure their understanding of the Common Core Standards.  Parents will be given information and resources to assist their child in improving their academic achievement.


Special Events


There are a number of special events scheduled throughout the year and parents are always encouraged to attend and/or participate in:


  • Booster Club
  • Science Fair
  • Spelling Bee
  • Black History Program


Classroom and School Involvement

Parent involvement is encouraged through the following activities:

  • Assist teachers in classrooms and or Consolidated Office
  • Chaperone field trips
  • Volunteer for School Beautification Day
  • Reinforce class lessons with practice at home
  • Attend Parent –teacher conference


Parents will be given the opportunity to be full partners in the decisions that affect the school by participating in:


  • SSC: School Site Council
  • ELAC: English Language Advisory Council
  • SAC: School Advisory Council
  • DAC: District Advisory Council
  • DELAC: District English Language Advisory Council
  • Booster Club





Communication between home and school requires both school-initiated and parent-initiated contact.  All involved parties must be aware of issues of culture and language differences when engaged in communication regarding the best interests of the child.

The staff will be trained in positive communication techniques.  All verbal and written communication will be provided in English and Spanish. Several teachers, the principal, and program instructional facilitator are outside at dismissal each day to interact with parents on an informal basis daily.


Monthly School and Parent Information


Every month a school newsletter that contains information of upcoming events, homework and testing tips, reminders on school policies, and District information goes home.  The newsletter is in English and Spanish and is distributed to all students.


The school maintains a bulletin board in the entrance of the school, attendance office and Parent Center that contains the monthly calendar, , current flyers, notices, and other information.  The documents on the bulletin board are in English and Spanish.  In addition, there is an information center in the Main Office that contains copies of documents from the District office, school, and outside agencies.

Things to Know:

  • Morningside High is a Title I school. That means we receive federal funds to help ALL students.
  • You as a parent have a right to be involved in planning our activities and how funds are spent.
  • These are ways you can get involved: attend Parent Advisory Meetings, fill out the parent surveys, and give your input for the LEA (Local Education Agency-county level) Title I plan.

You have the right to be involved with the development of School plan. We set our goals for the year and how we plan to reach them. Our Parental Involvement Plan is also included in this document.

  • School/Parent Compacts are signed in August and September and serve as a reminder as to what is expected from the Parent, the Student, and the School.
  • A Parent Resource Center is located in the Parent Center.

Remember, you as a parent, have the right to be involved in our decision making process!!!