About your interest-Please call Parent Center (310)680-5235 and speak with Ms. Crystel Axel, Program Instructional Facilitator and let us know your interest


Clerical work, including making copies of educational material, handouts, flyers and newsletter folding and stuff mailings (the Principal’s newsletter and the Consolidated newsletter). Assist other parents with questions; make phone calls and set up for meetings.

__Parent Patrol:

Help supervise students. Campus security will provide training

Attended meetings as a member or as an elected representative review and update school plan, participate in the school decisions-making process.

__School Site Council (SSC)

  The SSC is composed of parents and school personnel. The SSC is responsible for developing, implementing, and evaluating the School Site Plan programs. The SSC meets every other month, meeting time varies from morning to evening.

__School Advisory Council (SAC)

  This committee provides advice to the principal and the School Site Council on how to address the needs these students in the Site Plan.

__English Learners Advisory Council (ELAC)

  The ELAC provides input and makes recommendations to the principal, staff, and SSC regarding services for ELL students

__Leadership Team

Local schools leadership teams shared the decision-making process of group discussion and action (consensus). The leadership team makes decisions about the following: New programs, budgets, and schedule of school activities including testing. The leadership team will not replace existing councils that have responsibility in other areas that are required by law (such as SSC, SAC or ELAC).