Western Association of Schools & Colleges

Morningside High School WASC Quick Facts

The WASC (Western Association of Schools & Colleges) Committee will be visiting our school from April 19th through the 22nd

MHS Vision Statement

Morningside High School students are productive citizens and life-long learners who are responsible, high-achieving, well-rounded, and technologically prepared for the 21st Century.

MHS Mission Statement

The mission of MHS is to serve, nurture, and educate all students to be empowered and socially conscious individuals who are critical and analytical thinkers, prepared for careers and higher education in a global society.

Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs) (Schoolwide Goals)
Morningside High School’s goal is to develop students who are:Effective Communicators·Read, write, and comprehend at grade level·Listen actively in all situations·Use technology as necessary

Creative Analytical Thinkers

·Analyze, interpret, and evaluate concepts in all settings (academically & socially)

Productive Members of Society

·Good citizens

·Problem solvers

·Respectful of self, others, and their community


The student populations we serve include:
70.6% Hispanic/Latino

26% English Learners

27.4% African American

17.6% Special Education

3.6% Asian/Pacific Islander

90% Socio-Economically Disadvantaged

*Morningside High School is categorized as a Title 1 School


Recommendations given by the 2011 WASC Visiting Committee
1.     Train all staff members on WASC self-study protocols2.     Develop a culture where school improvement is ongoing (not just a periodic event)3.     Continue collaboration through leadership & PLCs to ensure growth & improvement4.     As well as continue our focus on the following Critical Areas:·        Develop Comprehensive Assessment Plan

·        Ongoing Improvement in Instruction

·        Improve EL Program

·        Increase Parental Participation